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Daily Blog: 10.17.2016 - why i joined crossfit

Daily Blog: 10.17.2016 - why i joined crossfit

Hello friends!

It's Monday. Often the most dreaded day of the week.

Today started out productive for me:

  • Crossfit.
  • Played with Tucker.
  • Collected and finalized the canned good drive at work.
  • Won Week 6's Pick 'ems at work ($20)!!!!

I had planned on doing a bit of cardio this afternoon after work, however, I know that my body needs to rest & recover. Last week I was nursing a calf strain, and now my neck seems to be in a bit of pain (past few days). I have been icing, stretching & using the heat pad. Not quite sure how to heal it. Time & rest I believe.

Often, when we embark on new goals we want to go full throttle, but it isn't really necessary - overdoing it won't get you to your goals quicker - I still completed my Crossfit WOD this morning & I am sticking to my diet. Extra cardio is exactly that, extra!

Remember: It is a marathon, not a sprint!

Here is the WOD (Workout of the Day) we completed at 20 Mile Crossfit:

Warm Up

3 Rounds
200 m Row
5 scap pull ups
5 burpee to tuck jumps
30 second plank hold (push up position)


Spend 15 minutes working on muscle ups



Seven Rounds for time, of:

5 Front Squat (135/95)
3 Ring Muscle-Up

I finished in 10:46 - 75# front squats (have to be able to clean them, not from the rack), + burpee chest to bars (I do not have muscle-ups yet).

Today I felt strong (neck bothering me a bit), but actually felt as though I should've gone up in weight...perhaps 85#


Intake: 1,921 calories

Carbs: 200

Fat: 65

Protein: 134

Why Crossfit?

As a former (LOL - one time) bikini competitor, it may be surprising that I am now doing Crossfit. Will I ever compete in bikini again? Perhaps. But, for now I am focused on my strength & my overall athletic performance.

After competing & traveling for the majority of my summer, I struggled to get back into a routine. I felt sluggish & unmotivated in the gym. It was like I was just going through the motions. I wasn't pushing myself to lift heavier. I wasn't excited to be at the gym. I was lacking a plan. I was lacking the same passion I normally radiated.

After much debate & discussions, my boyfriend & I decided to embark on the Crossfit journey. At least we would give it a try for a month. Not only did we want to better ourselves; strength, agility, speed, etc., we most of all wanted to find a community. A community of like minded individuals (in our area) who shared a passion to better themselves & push each other to become better athletes & better people.

Crossfit is humbling.

Crossfit is competitive.

Everything I thought Crossfit would be, it is not.

It is even better.

In the short 3 months I have been doing Crossfit, my mindset has done a 180. Sure, I have bad body image days, but what I love is how the Crossfit community is not focused on aesthetics. I am not judged by my glute-ham tie in. I am not judged by the leanness of my body. Heck, I am not judged at all.

I may not finish first. I am definitely not the strongest. Yet, everyone roots you on! Everyone is everyone cheerleader. Every morning. On my weakest days, this is what motivates me to push harder.

Once again, I have found a new spark in my love for fitness.

My love for fitness will never die, but it will fade. For that, I am thankful to have found 20 Mile Crossfit!




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