Meal Prep: On the Go.

by Laura Peterson in ,

The biggest excuse I hear for not wanting to meal prep is time. One simply just doesn’t have the time to meal prep. While I tend to disagree with this, I do get it. Whether you’re traveling or out and about running errands, sometimes you find yourself having to eat out.

Below, I will share some great menu options (as well as links to nutrition information) from some popular fast food and chain restaurants. No need to bust the buttons on your pants if you’re stuck at the airport or need to hit the drive thru. Hopefully this list will spark some ideas for when you're ordering out next!

*Click on each image & hover your mouse over the picture for details!*

Chipotle: Download the Chipotle Nutrition Calculator App for an easy way to determine the nutrition of your custom order!

Chick-fil-A: Chick-fil-A is a gold mine for healthy options! Skip the fries and fried chicken for some of the below delicious menu options and your bikini body will be thanking you!

Panera: Panera is an easy calorie trap with all the bread!

Starbucks: Be weary, drinks add up quickly at Starbucks! Check out their nutrition stats online before you kill your diet with a drink!

Pie Five Pizza: This is my favorite place to eat out, delicious and macro friendly!

Eating out brings temptation! I know! You’re tempted to order fries and that chocolate frosty! But, if you’re serious about creating a healthier you, then you need to consider ordering options that allow you to do this, especially if you’re eating out multiple times a week. Make a plan ahead of time if you know you'll be eating out OR take a few minutes before ordering to really read the menu and make the RIGHT choices.

If you need help choosing what to order, how to calculate the nutrition or have any other questions or comments regarding eating out and hitting your goals, comment below and let’s connect.