OOTD: 11.29.2016

by Laura Peterson in

The past month or so, I have begun to clean out my closet on Poshmark (you can see current items in my closet on my right side bar menu). By getting rid of things that no longer fit, I am now able to see more of what I own and am able to get more creative with my outfits. Recently, I admit, I have gotten repetitive in my outfit choices because it is easy. Although my blog is primarily about fitness and baking, I thought I would occasionally share where my outfits come from...only when they look decent of course ;)!


Today, I had a lunch with the president of our company. For those of you who don't know, I do marketing for an insurance group. Often, our office is pretty empty and although partially an excuse, it really makes getting dressed up difficult. Who wants to put effort into their appearance when there is no one around to see.

However, whether I am dressing up or more 'casual,' I really like to dress for comfort which is why I love my Banana Republic stretch pants. They look nice, are a decent price (especially when you find them on sale like I did) and because they are black you can wear them with absolutely everything!

Today, I paired my pants with a green Lilly Pulitzer Elsa Top. These tops you can wear tucked in for a more put together look or untucked if you're just out and about! I have the Elsa Top in a few prints as well. They are flowy and lightweight.

To liven up my outfit, I added some gold touches, pink lipstick to match my coat and a flare on my feet with the polka dot combination! Because I was wearing all solids, I liked the addition of the polka dot flats. Business up top, party on the bottom! Although no parties here....


If you like some of the pieces I was wearing today, check out the links below! If the item was no longer available, I linked to a similar item at the store!

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